Sexy Short Stories

The Cottage

When they woke up it was sunny. Slowly the light broke the chill that smoothed their skin and goose bumped them when the blankets shifted every once and a while. The morning turned to a glowing, waking warmth that stole the cold from their surfaces and threw it away with their sleepiness. The lake was bright and blinding from where they slept on an old familiar smelling futon on the porch of the cottage. It felt alien to them not worrying about her parents walking by to go for their morning swim, but for the first time they had trusted the cottage alone to the young couple.

Happily they had slept naked together; the only parts of them that had felt comfortable and good were the places where their snuggled bodies had touched. A face in a neck, a belly on a back to a warm soft mound on a leg. The temperature made their bodies smooth and special, more than the usual stimulating shapes and textures they were mutual protection and comfort.

As the sun groped higher they threw the blankets off in a bid to stay cool but together in bed. It was as if suddenly they remembered they were the only ones in the world that day, in the forest on a lake in a bed, naked. Each one’s eyes smiled at the others and their bodies looked to be felt. Small, soft experiences of each other’s texture, they pressed against the other in small, wanting ways.

 They had been dating for a while, and it had taken them some time to be careful and ask what the other was okay with, and the things they liked and didn’t like, but now they were more learned in one another. Though they knew it was okay to touch the other, it still seemed so new and exciting.

 He floated his hands over her body, raising goose bumps that the sun had just taken away. Looking away from her body their eyes met, half moon’s in disbelief of their situation. As his hands climbed up her chest, the sensation changed and her warm breasts swayed under his hands. He brought them to her soft pale nipples and felt them change to harder peaks, and their heart rates responded as well. She sat up and pressed her face in his, lips yielding to fit the others and bring their faces closer. They brought them apart and together, hands around each other, feeling their bare backs. Unhindered by the usual shirt collar or bra strap their backs felt different and expansive, powerful naked skin open to feeling.

By now he was hard and proud, ready for whatever came next. She pushed him back and he let himself fall and hit the bed. Not looking, he guessed what would happen next. Before he had time to think much about it, a delicious warmth surrounded his penis. The warmth shifted and changed with the movement of her mouth, sometimes light and versatile, others hard and powerful. Starting at the tip, she put her lips on it and he instantly missed the feeling everywhere else. Soon she brought it all inside her and he breathed in deep, savouring the relief.

Soon he was going to finish so he squeezed her hand to let her know to stop. She grinned at him and spread her legs and lay back slowly, pulling his hand and the rest of him with her. His face landed on her belly, and he nuzzled her softly with kisses. He warmly spread his breath and kisses around her chest, again feeling her nipples change and grow. With purpose he brought his lips, wetter now to her thighs and she shifted in the soft bed with anticipation and because it tickled a little bit. Slowly he moved closer, feeling the warmth, and kissing harder and wetter. Just when he should have been there he moved back and started again. She laughed and he smiled against her legs, knowing that this was something he always did. Pulling back for a second they took each other in and imagined what they had experienced sexually together in the past and layered this with their hopes for the very near future.

He brought his face up to where her legs met, and starting from the bottom dragged his tongue slowly across her soft wet lips, both of them loving the warm soft feeling. Just as he was about to reach the most sensitive delightful area, he stopped. He did this some more, licking deeper and more firmly, but with a slow steady rhythm. She breathed in and out, so used to having to keep quiet she kept the habit, but it was clear she was enjoying herself. This time he finished the stroke, touching lightly and surrounding in warmth the amazing ball of nerve endings that caused her to break through her breathing for a small noise of happiness. This turned him on more than anything, and he kept going slowly and steadily, all the while she worked her way around the base camp of the peak of release.

After a while he put two fingers against her hot wet entrance and slowly stepped through. This was the deeper feeling she had been wanting and she gasped and shifted with pleasure. Never stopping with his warm soft tongue, he moved slowly in and out, pressing against the ceiling like she told him to when they were first together. 

At length she started to feel really good, her body easily imagining the feeling of orgasm. She brushed his hair lovingly with her fingers and he kept a steady rhythm inside of her and out, lapping solidly at her clitoris. She pressed her pubic bone into his mouth and he held firm and let her work herself against him, supplying the warm and wetness and pressure she wanted. She was focusing hard now, wanting to come so badly. She breathed and moaned with wanting and feeling together. Meanwhile he was amazingly firm, finding the sounds and feelings of her incredibly stimulating.

By now she had lifted her bum off the bed in an effort to be even closer to the warmth, to feel it hard against her crotch. He kept his fingers firmly pressed up inside of her, and then he felt it. Her body grabbed his fingers and squeezed hard, and then let go and squeezed again and again. She was there, and she lost thoughts and came hard against his mouth, taking whatever feelings she could get from his tongue and fingers. She breathed fast and hard and sometimes her breath caught and her voice came out in pitches of joyful basic emotion. Her body did little kicks and jumps out of control, and tensed and relaxed sporadically. Slowly she fully relaxed and he brought his face up to her and kissed her lightly on the cheeks and forehead and mouth. She felt dizzy and tingly and happy, and had a little bit of trouble forming whole thoughts right away but was clearly happy with her experience. They hugged in the bed together, glad of the others enjoyment in the act and of their own.

After a while he was still pretty horny and began touching himself a little. She looked over and saw this and immediately rolled over closer to him and grabbed his shaft in her hand. Gently she began to pull up and down, feeling him grow and swell in her hand. Soon enough he was very hard and she was freshly turned on by his cock. She got up and excitedly jogged the few steps to where the condoms were in her backpack. He watched her smooth body go and longed in anticipation to be inside of her.

All of a sudden she was back, close to him, rolling the condom over his hard penis, kissing him and playing with his boner. Still wet from his mouth and her orgasm she rolled him onto his back and climbed on top of him. Holding his penis in her hand she positioned it just inside of her, and then let herself slide over it. Like always she was very warm, as was he and together they felt good in that short moment of new sensation. Soon she started rocking back and forth, feeling it inside of her. He squeezed her hand every time he needed her to slow down so he wouldn’t come. She started really fucking him, thrusting forwards and backwards as he just laid there and experienced her enthusiasm. She bounced a little up and down, and then leaned all the way forward on top of him and kissed him hard and breathy.

Bouncing faster, him helping her along now with his hands and what small thrusts he could get in over her large ones she felt that sensation, not like an orgasm, but the one that comes from penetration. In this position she could manoeuvre herself where she wanted to and was able to stimulate her clitoris. He squeezed her hand and she got off so he could rest, and she touched herself for a while, hitting all the right spots but not quite taking up the space that his penis could.

She lay on her back doing this and very soon he wanted more of her. He got on top and put her legs over his shoulders, tilting her up on an angle so his motions would come closer to her most sensitive areas. They quickly came together again, having already missed the feeling so much. He did more of the work this time, going at his own pace and in little bursts of energy that left them both at heights of sensation and deep sexual enjoyment.

She let him know that she wanted to try another position and flipped over on her stomach with her round bum slightly raised. He put his legs close to her on either side and lowered himself down onto her and slid himself inside. She loved the feeling of his weight on her ass and legs and he loved being so close to all those places at once. He went slowly out and then deep in, pressing hard against her body. She lifted her bum higher to feel him inside of her more and he shifted back and forth in her warm vagina.

He asked her if he could come or if she wanted to play it out more and she said he should finish. She loved the feeling of him speeding up, not holding back and working himself inside her faster than usual, with more uninhibited animal desire. He loved letting go and giving in to this feeling, and quickly escalated his thrusts faster and harder. He breathed hard with her this time, and they both gasped for air with exertion and sexual emotion. He felt himself letting go to her small noises of pleasure and tepid body. As he came he pushed deep into her and slowly worked back and forth to accentuate the orgasm. When he was done he pulled out and collapsed onto her back and together they lay tired and tingly, happy and smiling with sexual dizziness. They spooned like that for a while and when they were both ready, greeted their day of campfires and swimming at the cottage by themselves, where they would have plenty of more opportunity to enjoy each other. 

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